ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienThere are 8 planets in our solar system. The earth is one of them. The earth is worth living for life. Different kinds of numerous lives are existed here. Human is the most developed life here. Human have conquered the world by their intelligence and knowledge. They are now going to other planet like mars and sub planet moon. The human are now thinking about their origin. And the most thrilling question has risen in their mind; Is their other intelligent life outside the earth or in other planet?

The question is very important because there are too many planets outside the solar system that’s habitable. Many have water in their surface. Many have atmosphere like earth. So it is very possible to remain water and life on those planets. ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienThe life on earth has originated from water. Gradually life has developed through evolution through millions of years. Now there are many developed animal on earth. Human is the most intelligent and wise life in earth.

There are 10 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Most of them have planets. Like Milky Way galaxy there are 100 million galaxies in universe. So it is very possible for remaining intelligent creature in universe besides us. So we are not alone. There are thousands of evidence that intelligent and wise creature have come to earth for many different purposes and reasons. They are called alien.
There are evidences that alien have come to earth from the dawn of life on earth. Most of the ancient religious books there are story about god and goddess. There are descriptions about their looks. The ancient book says the god have come to earth riding on a flame like craft. We modern human know that flame like craft is a spaceship of ultramodern technology.

They have conducted experiment on Homo sapiens. Many ancient religious books tell us that they have created human using their ultramodern biotechnology. In earth there are many places where can be found electromagnetic radiation that are millions of years old. But what is the source of electromagnetic radiation on that place? Who have created the atomic radioactivity on that place on ancient time? The most probably answer of that questions is alien and their ultramodern spaceship.
ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienThere is a 100 of thousand year old airport in a place on earth. But who have used it on ancient time? In the book of Gilgamesh which is a ancient religious and historical book there is a story like this, “A strange animal came to earth on fire ship, it landed on ground and it stood on its belly. It possess four fingers. The king gets afraid and ordered to fire smoke so that peace won’t be voided.” In that book there is written clearly that, “There live intelligent animal the every star of sky”.

ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienThere are many mysterious place and structure in the world who give evidence of alien. The mysteries of Bermuda triangle,mysterious pyramids of Egypt, the devil’s sea, the Easter Island etc. are the strongest evidence. The pyramid of Giza, Egypt is a wonderful structure of ancient time. Even modern engineer cannot build a structure like pyramid using their latest technology then who built such great structure pyramid? From whom the Egyptian king got the Idea of mummified their dead body. Did the saw a dead body turned into alive? But who did the impossible thing? Alien?

ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienThe Easter Island is a place there were lot of giant human like structure of limestone. The age of that structure is at least 10000 years.

ALIEN | THE MYSTERY OF ALIEN | How is AlienBut who have created the structure by cutting and shaping heavy weight limestone? Even modern human have no technology to cut and build the huge structure.
Even when Neil Armstrong was going to moon riding on Apollo 11, July 19 1969, A alien spacecraft followed Apollo 11 for a long time from safe distance and in the end the alien spacecraft turn to other way and vanished. So there are strong evidence that alien existed. But when will they contact us? Is possible for human to contact with them? Are they live on water based life? What is the situation of their technology?

Scientist are researching and analyzing on extraterrestrial signal and their origin. One day, maybe we will able to contact with alien and will be able to know about their science and technology. Thanks for reading.
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