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How to start physical exercise gradually and its method:

Physical exerciseis very important to stay healthy and lead a healthy & active life. We can stay away from different kinds of disease and illness by regular physical exercise.

Besides, there are lots of benefits of physical exercise that can change your life. But for many of us doing physical exercise is very hard matter. For them today I am writing this post. We will learn how we can start physical exercise gradually, keep it up and improve our ability to do long time physical exercise

What are the merits of physical exercise?

  • You will get a strong health including strong bone, strong muscle, strong nerve and strong teeth. In a word strong body &mind.
  • You will get rid of from General disease like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, nerval weakness, eye weakness etc. Your immune system will be very strong. You will live a healthy long life because physical exercise is the key of healthy long life.
  • You will get a regular and attractive shaped body & fitness.
  • Your body will get ready for any sports like football, cricket, hockey etc.
  • Every difficult task will be easy for you.

When to do: Physical exercise can perform any time of day & evening. But it is good to do it in morning, afternoon or evening. Discover when you have free time in hand and take a strong decision to do that. Try to avoid perform physical exercise in noon or late night. You need at least 1 hour free time in hand. At least 3 days in a week is okay for exercise. If you do it every day, that is best.

Where to: It is good to perform physical exercise under the open sky like on a playground, bank of a river, in lonely park even on lonely street etc. If you have no option to do that outside of your home, you can do it in your home even in a closed room.

At first, select a place nearby you where you feel comfort best. Go there with taking one hour time in hand. On the first day, you need to start quick walking. Start quick walking with long step and continue that at least 15 minutes. Do not stop by observing yourself hard breathing or sweating. It may be difficult for someone but it is possible. Take rest some minute after do that. Do not drink water in the interval. Again start quick walking for 15 minutes. Again take rest and repeat. On the first day, 1 hour is enough. Come back home and take rest. If you do the physical exercise in the morning, after coming back home you may feel very weakness in your body. Don’t get frightened. Take rest but do not sleep in day time to remove weakness. Eat natural food as you eat and drink enough water.

On the next day, again go to your exercise spot and do same as yesterday. Continue it for 15 days.

After 15 days of quick walking, it is time to promote your exercise into 2nd step on the 16th day. Now it’s time to slow running. Go to your exercise spot and start slowly running. Continue it for 5 minutes. Do not take break among of those 5 minutes. After 5 minute slow running take rest till your breathing goes normal. Again start and run for five minutes. Again take rest and again run for five minutes. That’s enough for that day. Come back home and take rest. You may feel very weak on that day. Do not get frightened.  Everything will be okay gradually. On the next 15 days continue slow running at the same process.

After 15 days of slow running, it will come to time to 3rd step zigzag running quickly. Run zigzag quickly for five minutes. Take rest and again do that. Again take rest and again. Continue it for 15 days.

Then it’s time to skipping staying on same place. Skip 20 to 30 times without taking rest at once. Take rest and again skip 20 to 30 times. Again take rest and again do that. After that, try skipping with running. It’s very important. Do it same as above. Continue the whole process for 15 days.

Now it’s time to 4th step quick running. Run quickly as much as possible for 5 minutes without taking any rest. Then take rest and do it again .Do not get frightened by observing lot of sweating and hard breathing.  Again take rest and again do that. Continue it for 15 days.

When you finish practice all of the above method and your body will get accustomed with all of the exercise through 60 to 75 days, now it’s time to apply the whole 4 step method in one day.

Go to your exercise spot and do all the method one by one. Take some rest after finishing one method. First start with quick walking then slow running, after that do two types of skipping, and finish it with quick running. It may take 2 hours to finish all of the process.  Continue it for one month or more you want. Try to continue it regularly at least 3 day in a week for whole life. If you can manage a friend who wishes to exercisewith you, it will be easy, funny and interesting. Tell your friend about your exercise and make him/her interested. If you get a friend, you can gossip with him/her, share stories & everything you want. Then it will be easier to get successful.

You may face great sufferings while doing physical exercise. Take rest but don’t quit. On the first time you, it may seem very difficult and impossible. But it will be possible if you try hard. Keep in mind that impossible is nothing.Thanks for reading. Best of luck.

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