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There are many people, boys &girls, teenagers who have enough money, educational eligibility, smart looks everything but they have no good &real friend or girl friend Or boy friend. As result, they are suffering from mental loneliness and unhappiness. Everything is dull to them.

They are lagging behind from the main stream of life for the mental loneliness. They have tried a lot but everything has gone in vein. This post is for their help and solves the problem.

Note: Making a girl friend or boy friend can be harmful and dangerous for teenagers study and life. This can change their emotion. So I personally advise them no to make a girl friend or boyfriend. Always try to make a good friend with whom you can share your sorrow and happiness frankly and finally you become happy.

There are many tricks & tips. Making a friendship is simple and easy. Different psychologists say different about how to make friendship. But there is some common method. At first you have to remember that honesty is the best policy at everything. So let’s discuss about this…

At first, you have to know yourself. You need to discover what you are, how you are, what you think, what you want, what is your goal &ambition, what is your fault, what is your policy etc. This is a tough job for many one but not impossible. It may take some days or month according to difference of personality. If you try, you will be successful a little bit but that is enough. So, when you make a clear idea about yourself; congratulation! You have overcome a hard step.  So, here the simple trick is: know yourself. Don’t get afraid after knowing yourself. Every kind of person and personality is eligible for friendship.

Then discover your peoples surrounding where you live, where you study, where you work etc. Try to talk them with appropriate instant sense and mind. Then you will get understood, which person or group or person may be your desired friend or friends.

Notice them. Try to understand how they are, what they want, where may he or she live, what kind of personality they or he or she possess. Don’t worry; you do not need be successful to guess this. Just try.

Then try to talk with he/she/them a little like this: Hey, may I know your name please? Or, hy , how are you? Or, I am new here; can I get some help about roads? Or anything that makes sense and fit on that situation. Don’t bother him/her/them. OR Don’t try to waste him/her/them time. Be polite. And notice carefully, what his/he/their expression. That’s all for that day.

Analysis simply your talking and his/her/their answers and questions and expressions. From this analysis you will get an idea he/she/them are friendly or not and whether he/she/they will accept you or not. Try to guess this from different thinking angel. Don’t go to decision quickly and from the intention of your emotion .Be realistic. If you do that, your idea and guess may be wrong. However, if you can do that, you will win.

Then the next meet when he/she/they have enough time and on exact situation honestly express you. Do not make acting. Because every person can catch up acting even he/she becomes a fool and even you become very intelligent one. Tell your name, education level, your address simply and friendly.  Don’t try to talk with him/her with his /her speaking style. Always maintain your unique personality. Then be curious about him/her. What is his/her name, where he/she lives, what is her/his goal etc.

Listen to him/her carefully and attentively and talk very friendly, simply. If he /she get bothered, stop yourself. If he/she want to know your aim to talk with him/her talk him bravely and honestly that you have no friend. This is very important. Don’t ask everything details. Remember that you have to be a good listener to make friend. Never think that:’ I am a bad boy/girl, or I don’t talk too much or I am not smart etc, It is impossible for me to make a friend”. Every person has a demand in society and among people.  Don’t get hesitate about you. That’s will end a step. Give thanks to him/her for anything you want.

From The next meeting, you have to talk simply and listen attentively his /her talk, his /her experience/life history everything. Now express yourself, your merit, intelligence, your funny mind, your sadness everything .Don’t try to hide anything by trick and don’t try to give pressure on him/her to say his hidden word. Be sympathetic and try to help him/her as what you have that may be a pen, a little advice, a promise, with a information everything what you have. Give him/her a gift and wish him/her in his birthday.

What topics you can discuss with him/her/them:

  1. About birthday, Christmas day, Eid day etc.
  2. About praiseworthy matters.
  3. Recent thoughts, activities, exams, results, study etc.
  4. Make some secret.
  5. Movies, cinemas, TV shows, sports.
  6. Personal dreams and ambitions.
  7. Hobbies and interests.
  8. Ask about him/her friends.
  9. Problems & vulnerabilities.
  10. Well being &happiness.
  11. Ask about him/her past, school life, college life etc.
  12. Each other likes &dislikes, present likes &interests, past like &interests.
  13. Express yourself, your experience, struggle, story etc. Share your personal opinion.

Try to remember everything about him/her. Take care your friend. If everything goes well, you will get a close friend day by day.

Then from the next meeting, try to keep friendship hardly. Give more; take less from your friend. Always, be honest with your friend. Don’t do little dishonesty. This is the key of all true relationship.

Actually, there is no specific way to make a friend. Many one have many friends without following any trick. They go normally and do not follow any trick .That is also a trick. However, if you are lonely enough, you can follow the tricks and tips given here. Never be frustrated, if somebody rejects you. Try with another person. You will be able to make a good friend and you will be able lead a normal and happy life. Thanks for reading.

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