How to become strong in mathematics | Be Expert in Mathematics

Mathematics is a horrible word for some student. Many students feel that they are weak in mathematics and it is impossible for them to do well in math exam. This is not correct. If you are weak in mathematics, don’t worry; you are not alone. There are some methods to be strong in math. One by one, everything will be discussed.

Be a brave man

At first, you have to be brave. A fearless man can conquer the world. You have to make understand your mind that everything is possible. There was lot of scientist, mathematician in the history who was weak in mathematics at first. After a great struggle they broke the shackle of every problem. Keep confident that you will be a winner.

Read your mathematics book by yourself again and again:

This is a strong method for beginner. Most of the teacher of mathematics do not let student to read his book by himself. Directly they start to do math. As a result, the student does not understand simple matter like what is an operator, what is an equation, what is matrix etc. You should read once the chapter a to z before going in the class of a teacher.

Try to understand simply

Do not try to make you extra understood. There are some basic logic’s in mathematics which have no explanation. We everybody need to accept them at first to precede the math. Then try to understand the basic math. You are free to ask question to your math teacher about the math. Do not hesitate or shame. If you try to become clever by not asking the unclear fact, finally you will lose.

Practice more and more everyday

After ending the class of teacher you need to practice more and more. There is a known proverb ’’practice makes a man perfect’’. This is 100% correct regarding to mathematics. The more you perform hard practice the more you take control over math. Take the hard math as a challenge. Try to solve them. Do not frustrate if you fail to solve complex and critical math. Accept temporary failure. You can take help from your teacher to solve complex and critical math.  Make a routine by keeping enough time to practice every day. If you lose your time of math study, later make time from other work and fulfill your lost time. You may follow the bellow two advice..

  1. Plan a regular time to study math
  2. Choose a quiet place where you will not be distracted
  3. Additionally, there are some rules for appropriate study of any subject.

Try to teach someone

Teaching helps us a lot of things to understand, to become clear. When you will act as a teacher, you will learn a lot of new things. So if you have Enough time in hand, try to teach someone else.

Make questions

Yeah, I am talking to you. Make question for other student. This is an advanced skill in mathematics. When you will able to solve the problems in a chapter, then try to make question for your friends. This method will verify you to yourself how strong you are in mathematics.Read about how to be expert in English

Thanks for reading. I hope you will do excellent in your math exam…
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