Tips and Tricks of study | perfect Method of Study |Scientific method of study

Why need perfect method of study

Tips and Tricks of study | perfect Method of Studyntific method of study
For many students and study related professionals study is a tough and hard matter.

They face different kinds of difficulty and hospitality of their student life such as studying all day and night but  achieving  poor grade caused by  poor memory or poor understanding ability. Somebody give objection that they can’t complete their study in a short time that they get everyday life and can’t decide what type of study routine he or she should follow.  Somebody tell us that he is facing high mental pressure because he has to read a huge book in graduation life.

Tips and Tricks of study | perfect Method of Studyntific method of studyEvery individual student’s problem is very important and unique because a simple study related problem can affect their natural life, success, their family life etc. I can realize their situation of mind because I am also a sufferer. However, now the question come to our mind that “what is the solution?”.

A few numbers of scientist, psychologist, educationalist, neurologist, psychiatrist, and clinical psychotherapist have taken the issue seriously and done few research .We will discuss here as more as possible about their output of research and solution of different problems.

How to improve your memory

Here the main fact how to make your reading into permanent memory in your mind. Suppose you are reading a topic about 1 hour long. After 24 hours, you need to try recalling that question or chapter and you should try to write that as more accurately as possible on a practice sheet. After that compare your practice sheet with your original answer sheet and be your own teacher and examine the sheet. Next value that and try to find out the topic you have forgotten and re memorize that. This is a very effective way.

(May be you forget 60% to 70% information after 24 hours of first study; don’t worry, this is absolutely natural). This method can be applied on other sector. Another tricks is, suppose you have studied physics for 3 hours then you had gone for a walk nearby park or garden or bank of a river. Enjoy your natural scene and then try to recall your study in a fresh mind . And after coming back to home you compare your memorization with original answer .Surprisingly, you will discover that this is very strong, powerful and time saver way. We should understand that human brain is the most powerful practice sheet and it is free and ready to use.

Study with soft beautiful songs

In long term study, you need to break for 10 minute after studying one hour because if you take rest simply or with soft music your brain will take time to digest completely the information. Soft songs will make your mind active, cheerful and curious. You can also take a walk for 5 minutes from your veranda or garden or the roof of your home. This will reduce your pressure on your mind.

Try to avoid high amount of multitasking

The life of modern world is very complex and interconnected. As a result, multitasking is becoming a very common matter in our day-to-day life. But high amount of multitasking is possibly dangerous for our mind.

Suppose a man trying to do 4 to 5 task at a time as a result he can be affected by a mental disorder such as Addiction Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) cause   if he becomes a weak nerved and soft minded. Simply do one job at one time be satisfied what you get. A new research suggests that multitasking waste all of our time.

How should be routine of a student

: Scientist and researcher say a routine of a student should easy and bearable. They advise us do not make a stressful study routine and keeping enough rest time in our routine. May be you will not be able to follow your routine 100% accurately. Be an on time intelligent man. On time intelligence will bring near to your dream.

Suppose, you are reading and suddenly your friend calling you to go for a cinema and you had gone. In the cinema hall every minute of your cinema you are regretting and cursing your mind. Don’t do that. Use your brain after coming back home and omit other entertainment like game playing on computer by on time intelligence. This rule can be applied on many situations like above. In a word, do not take pressure on your mind by your own study routine and avoid pressure by intelligence. Just simply do that. Generally, a high stressful person suffer from high blood pressure, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), eye problem etc. So take this trick importantly.

Physical exercise and sports

Sports and physical exercise is very important for our health. Sports keep our health safe and sound. When we run, our activity of blood circulation system increase. As a result, oxygen reaches in every cell of our body perfectly. By this, we gain extra power of digestion, extra power of mental work, extra energy of physical work. Some research suggests that, sports remove our frustration and improve our memory and physical exercise makes ability in our mind to take mental pressure.

Make good friend:

Making good friend will help you to enjoy your study and student life. You can give and take unlimited help about your academic study through making notes, group study etc from your friends.

You can share your sorrow and grief, success and failure of the past with your bosom friend and ultimately, you will get free from mental loneliness. He or she who have better friend, the life will become more beautiful, easy and enjoyable to him or her.

When You Have a lot of books for reading but time is limited

This is a very common situation of student life. The correct rule for studying a absolutely unknown new book is different from regular studies. Firstly, you should read two or three line of every page of your new text book quickly to gain experience about that book.

After completing the task, you will understand what is the book about, which topic needs to be emphasized, which is less importance etc. Then start to study according your natural way. Try to capture 3 or 4 word at once to be a quick reader. Make a picture of that topic in your mind. Compare that with your previous knowledge. I hope you will achieve what you want.

In fact, study is a really hard job. There is a proverb that “the root of study is bitter but its fruit is sweet”. You have to go ahead by solving every problem which will come in your study life using your brain. Human Brain is the most powerful super computer ever. If you try hard you will be succeed because Man can make possible everything if they try. Thanks a lot for reading patiently this topic.

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